"We all have the power within us sometimes it just takes a little longer than others to find it. We are all the same, just experiencing life from a different perspective"



My name Christina. Actress, Presenter, Mindset Coach from the UK. I work with actors using NLP & positive Psychology to overcome limiting beliefs and the issue of self-belief and feeling enough. I love being an actress apart of projects that involve an inspiring message or are funny! I also write articles about positive mindset for a website called Educate Inspire Change ♥

I’m from Liverpool and for the past 3 years I spent away from home, dedicating my focus on understanding how our minds work and putting into practice the principles i’ve learned from 100’s of books, training and courses. In this blog, I am documenting my experiences and sharing useful information that has helped me along my journey.

It started a couple of years ago, I completely went on the wrong path because my mind had been programming to believe that I wasn’t good enough to follow my actual passion. I thought I should follow the route of society and go to University ect and get a job. Which is ok if you know what you want, except I was studying in Uni doing something that I didn’t want to do at all and I hated it. Just through sheer drive and determination, I completed it because I don’t like to leave things unfinished haha! During the studies, I read the Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley and something he said sunk into me, to write a list of things I actually love to do and start doing them. I wrote a list of all of my hobbies I had quit. So I auditioned for David Johnson Drama School and attended for 2 years on top of Uni. It was the only thing that kept me feeling alive at this time! One day David Johnson said to me Christina, you just don’t believe in yourself!

That’s when it hit me, I didn’t! I remember being so upset on the way home because I felt so frustrated, I really wanted to but I didn’t know how. Since that day I made it my ultimate mission to learn how to. I googled “how do I believe in myself?” and nothing came up. And that’s how it all started. No matter how much ambition, passion, desire you have, if you don’t have that ultimate belief in yourself, you will constantly stay stuck. I know how painful it feels and that’s why from all of my studying and implementing, I’ve tested out the perfect formula to help other people who struggle with the same thing. Usually, it has come from negative programming from environment what you heard when you are younger. It is my mission to help others conquer the power of self-belief and the feeling of just being enough. 


Doing anything uncomfortable changes your life.


Working with HSBC to create the campaign “One Step Endless Opportunities” supporting the message of Human Ambition.

Actress Christina Blunsum

With Salma Azzam at the Opening of the 14th Dubai Film Festival 2017 promoting our film “Power Within” released 2018.

Touring the UAE, Speaking and presenting in over 25 Schools about Healthy Eating for Children in the Middle East in collaboration with Zespri Kiwi.

Hosting Business Conferences and Entrepreneur Events in the UAE.

Actress Christina Blunsum

Starring as lead British actress ‘Sofia’ in ‘Wesalna Wela B’adna’ out in Cinemas in the UAE February 2018.

Christina Blunsum and Miranda Davidson the #1 Talent Manager, Coach and Casting Director in the UAE.

Christina Andrea Blunsum

1:1 in a Break Through Coaching session in Hollywood.

Red Carpet at the Opening of the 14th Dubai Film Festival 2017.

The awarding winning film in the AWF Narrative Film Award ‘The Replacement’ starring as lead actress ‘Megan.’

Christina Andrea Blunsum

#1 Entrepreneur Conference in Los Angeles “Mega Success” created by JT Foxx.

House of Baazar Fashion Show with editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Louise Nichol in Mall of the Emirates.

Performing in theatres in Dubai.


“This film wouldn’t work without Christina at the heart of it. What makes her performance so special is that it’s completely and utterly sincere. At the same time she never ever complained during the shoot, when most actors would have let their standards drop. Christina is a beautiful human being inside and out and her spirit kept us all going when things got tough.” – Mark Middlewick [HSBC Campaign]

“Pass on my thanks to Christina who was an absolute joy to be sat opposite and was extremely patient with me and was always ready to give me advice when I required it and really put my nerves at ease. An absolute professional and also extremely funny. I could have (and almost did!) spend all day listening to her pronounce dishes at the table!” – Alex [Raddison Blu TV Series Ep.1]

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