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About Me

  • My name is Christina Andrea Blunsum
  • I love Yoga and Dance and art!
  • I love reading books about Psychology
  • I was born in Liverpool
  • My Birthday is on Halloween but I hate horror films and Fancy Dress.
  • I love acting and films.
  • I’m a vegetarian.
  • My favorite foods are halloumi and mash potato.
  • I once traveled around Europe on a Train.
  • My favorite style is Suits and dresses.
  • When I was younger I competed and won competitions in Ballroom Dancing.
  • I started my Entrepreneur journey when I was 13, I created Pretty-Secrets.Net and made my first 5k online, the first things I bought was a laptop and a camera to start a Youtube Channel. (Christinablusinger) but I lost the password!
  • I once went to Bali by myself for 2 weeks, looking back it was probably quite dangerous. But I went to heal myself and it worked wonders.
  • Between the age of 16-22 I became very lost and confused and suffered from depression and went down the wrong route.
  • I graduated in 2:1 Degree in Uni doing IT and it was the worst 3 years of my life.
  • I read the Master Key System 3 times. (Because it is in very old language and difficult to understand).
  • One book that changed my life was the Psychology of Winning, after this book I wrote down a list of all the things I used to do when I was younger such as acting and dancing and started to do them again. Which lead me to attend David Johnson Drama School for 2 years during my time at Uni, which saved my life!
  • I moved to Dubai when I was 23 when I graduated, the job I went for didn’t work out.
  • When I was in Dubai I got fired from 2 jobs in 1 year.
  • One of my biggest intake from moving away from home was how much my mind expanded and became open minded to learning everything and gaining an understanding of people and different cultures and experiencing how we are all one.
  • I’m addicted to coffee and I drink it with almond milk and honey.
  • I think my Mum is the most loveliest woman in the world.
  • One of my most life changing time in my life was being with my Dad when he passed away during a course of 7 weeks. However I am grateful to have been with him. This changed my perspective on life forever and really made me see things differently.
  • My best friend is Salma and I have the happiest memories with this girl!
  • My other best friend is Abby who is my longest friend of 13 years.
  • I’m so grateful I have friends all around the world.
  • My favorite films are Chicago, Funny Face, and Eat Pray Love!
  • I know all the words and most dance routines of Britney Spears.
  • My 1st Book became #1 on Amazon “Words That Will Make You Believe In Yourself.”
  • When I was younger Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena the Warrior Princess were my idols.
  • My dream acting role would be some kind of action film/comedy about a woman on some kind of serious mission.
  • I love to go on adventures on the weekends.
  • One of my favorite life experiences was Mega Success in LA!
  • I don’t drink alcohol.
  • I failed Maths 5 times.
  • My favorite thought leaders are JT Foxx and Bob Proctor.
  • My dream is to visit all Wonders of the World.
  • I feel very shy in large groups of people and don’t like big crowds.
  • I have to get in alignment every morning otherwise I become very moody and agitated.
  • My favorite thing is to do anything that will make me learn and grow.
  • I’m currently writing my second book.
  • I have a couple of film and tv series in the pipeline for next year which I am preparing for.
  • I find it difficult to relax!
  • I don’t like people asking me what I am doing! I never know myself!

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