About Me

Hello! My name is Christina.

I am a girl from Liverpool I’m very proud to be from Liverpool and I have lots of big dreams that I wish to share upon this blog.

I am an actress, currently working on my film “The Power Within” and Unbeatable Fighter and Louder are movies that will be released this year. I’m also working on the production of my own Web Series, to raise awareness with the damage of sexual harassment that is caused online. You can see more on my IMDB page here. I am really proud that I became the first British actress to have a lead role in a movie showcased all over the Middle East and worked with brands aligned with my core value with HSBC on ‘Supporting Human Ambition.’

One of my biggest aims in life is to really share information that I have learned on my journey to inspire anyone who has a dream to follow it, and that by teaching the principles of the mind to be able to take action and break free from fear and limiting beliefs. I am to do this through my #1 Hottest Selling Book on Amazon “Words that will make you believe in yourself” through my coaching programs, and films that I am working on and I’m currently studying with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. 

During my journey away from home for 3 years to understand the mind, I discovered is that our life is our purpose and the only thing that holds us back is the story that we tell ourselves. I started out posting and sharing quotes that I was learning from my studying on my Instagram account, but combining my passion for film and the human mind, I have created @becomethestarinyourlife. And I am determined for it to reach the message to empower people to really embrace where they are and share their story with the world and develop a mindset to push through whether success or failure.

With this brand I have created, I aim to help you believe what is possible, to connect with your true life purpose and to express what is in your heart, believe in your worth, so you can truly create your life as though it was a movie because we really do become stories and each one of us is much needed to each other.

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