Moved to London

//Moved to London

Moved to London

About a month ago I moved to London. As you may know, I was living in Dubai for a while. I still love Dubai so much and can’t wait to go back soon for some projects. But in the Summer I came home, because I really want to be close to my Mum. I did some soul searching and digging this summer and really thinking about what I wanted. My plan was to go back in Dubai in September, but I decided I wanted to make a change. One of the questions that made my decision was, What do I really want? When I answered that question, I asked myself why am I doing all of these other things?

I feel like I have moved here in the most calmest way possible, because I believe its for a higher good bigger than I can see. Or maybe I just find it fun being uncomfortable? Who knows. We will see.

One thing I used to really enjoy was sharing inspiring quotes and tools and techniques I have learned. I still do love sharing them with anyone who needs it, but I realised that doing all of this was shifting my focus, it was like I was looking for another distraction again just to get to the point. So I moved to London, I have been signed to a great agent in London called Actors International. Work brought me here and sometimes you just have to follow the flow. I’m still so close to Liverpool which is amazing. I have been preparing for a project next year, whilst attending auditions. I recently filmed a story about an actress from London who moves to Hollywood. I find it fascinated how I always play the girl who is running away, in my past few films and commercials, I was running to an adventure, this time, I love that it’s more specific. She makes it in Hollywood in the story too, it was so fun. It was my first time in Cambridge. Anyway, I am grateful for this blog, one thing I love to do is document and review my life and write, so I’m glad to share it here. Will keep you updated on my journey in London! xox

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