In the end, we all become stories.

The one thing I have experienced in this life, is to share your story with the world and express what’s in your heart, all you have to do is be you, trust it and embrace it. In the end, all we want is connection and love. I attended so many seminars and events because I was trying to find an answer to something. Although I also love to learn I sat there and listened to so many people’s stories, each one of us seems to have had to face some kind of trial to help us return back to who we are truly meant to be, then on the way we discover something that we have to offer, that could help someone else. But watching so many people, I realized all they were doing was simply just being themselves. They weren’t trying to figure it all out. They were literally, just being them. 

I always felt like this part of me was stuck and I was silent like my throat was closed off, and it really was. I was happy sharing all of the incredible things I was learning, but I wasn’t really sharing how I actually used them. This year Lovin’ Dubai featured me on their Anything Is Possible Series. However, prior to this, I didn’t realize they were filming me for the actual show. I thought it was an Auditon and a simple chat. I was really excited to share my journey and I was just myself. I didn’t think about what was right or wrong, or what I should say, how I should say it. The interview went on for about an hour because I had a lot to say. Dubai really give me that platform to go out and test and express myself. Then about a month and a half later, this recording went online and in their magazine. I was actually shocked because I had no idea they were going to use it like that, I thought if I got through we would be filming something. But from this, without thinking so much, so many people emailed me and messaged me saying that they had been going through a rough time and my story had inspired them to keep on going. I felt like I didn’t do anything to inspire anyone, that’s when I realised, all you have to do, is just be yourself.

This is when I realized how powerful it was to share your story authentically, without worrying about what people will say or judge you for. I say this, because I used to feel so embarrassed that I was lost, I used to feel like a failure that I moved to another country and it didn’t work out the way I wanted, I used to feel embarrassed if I got rejected from auditions, I felt ashamed that I loved to dance, I felt so shy that I made a website when I was 13 called Pretty-Secrets (which is still up now).

Sometimes, the things we hide the most about ourselves or feel embarrassed about, are the things we need to share and they are the things that make us us, and the right people will love us for. We don’t have to be for everyone. But by sharing who you really are, expressing yourself, you never know what that could spark in someone else. It’s just strengthening that belief that we are good enough and we deserve to share our message with the world and it is our birthright to be heard.

Connect with your Message:

“Be clear on what you want people to know.” – Steve Jobs

Download my Clarity meditation relax and get a piece of paper. Ask if there were no limitations right now, share one big thing with the world and speak to all the people, what would I say?

What do I want to accomplish?

What is the purpose of what I’m trying to say?

What do I want my listener to get out of it?

What action after hearing my story would I want them to take?

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

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